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Dango, dango, dango! Let’s get to it! The mochi I bought are always delicious, same for the dango, but when I tried, it doesn’t work. I’m making some exactly the same as this as soon as possible. The name of dango “Mitarashi” is said to be derived from water bubbles of “Mitarashi” where you purify your hands with water at the entrance of shrine. The chewy sweetness pairs perfectly with some afternoon tea and good weather vibes. ((Mitarashi Sauce - sweet and savory sauce)) 1. There are many variations of dango sweets in Japan. Put on low heat, stir constantly, and cook until sauce thickens. This popular little variation is often made as sweet little balls of mochi on a skewer, then covered in delicious sauce or anko. Usually the mochi itself is not sweetened, but toppings and sauces are. Your generosity is much appreciated! This dango is made and eaten during the Sakura viewing season and comes in three colors, usually white, green, and pink. You are right! 2 … I don’t understand. Once they float in the boiling water, cook 2-3 minutes longer, then remove from the water using a mesh strainer (or ladle) and place onto a plate lined with a paper towel. Now you can simply drizzle the sauce onto the dango you made and enjoy! Put 3 Dango on bamboo skewers. We use cookies to give you the best online shopping experience. Where i live we don’t have many tofu options, silken and soft aren’t avalible. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); But grilling the dango makes them taste much better, in my opinion. In this video i'm going to teach you how to make Mitarashi and Hanari Dango! Are they served hot or cold? Enjoy!! All rights reserved. How to Make Dango at Home. If you wish to cook dango yourself, great news! So i bought medium to firm tofu the other day (the packaging didn’t say so, i’m just guessing after comparing it to some pictures and videos). I absolutely love your site! Mix it with your hands until it has gotten a uniform green colour. Never freezed before, can’t say for sure. Kabocha dango doesn't use rice flour, mix in potato starch instead to make the chewy texture. I was just wondering how many dango are generally made from the measurements given? Hello! Introduction: How to Make Mitarashi Dango (Japanese Sweet Dumpling) Makes 27 dango. Let's quickly go through the recipe. There are a lot of ways to eat these chewy little morsels.  Our basic Dango do not have much flavor alone, so there should be something to eat with them.  Here we used Anko sweet red beans over Dango, the simplest way to eat them.  Or, you could dip them in Kinako (soybean flour) with sugar or Kuromitsu (dark brown sugar syrup).  You could grill them and pour on Mitarashi (sweet soy) sauce. Mix the Sticky Rice, the Tofu and the sugar to form a certain kind of dough for making Dango. Dango is a Japanese sweet dumpling and sweet made from mochiko or rice flour, related to mochi and hence also called as Mochiko Dango. IMPORTANT: Please read before proceeding. Add the green tea powder to one of the pieces. Is there a specific type of Tofu I should use for this recipe? Perfectly soft and chewy, and delicious slathered in red bean paste. These kushi dangos are coated with a sweet soy sauce are called mitarashi. Leave the second piece of the dough as it is and now add 2 Drops of red food colouring to the third piece. invi, Is there anyway to reheat the dango after putting it in the fridge? Whereas mochi is made by a method of steaming mochigome (short-grain glutinous rice ), pounding till stretchy, and forming into different shapes. I live in Hawaii and buying Chi Chi Dango is expensive relative to the ingredients and ease of making. Japanese Dango: Make it Yourself. to eat. It’s never a good texture, never good at all. Again thanks for the recipes!! When it’s hot out, you could put Dango balls on shaved ice.  In winter, you can eat Dango with warm sweet red bean soup.  The sky’s the limit! I love your blog! to eat.  Dango are a more casual and everyday kind of traditional Japanese sweet (how elegant could it be being on skewers?) Once Dango balls float in the boiling water, cook 2-3 minutes longer. To make dango, we first make the dough by mixing rice flour (sometimes a mixture of rice flour and glutinous rice flour) with water until it becomes pliable and then forms into balls before boiled. Five will be red, five white, and the remaining five green. Separate each portion of the dough into 3 equal parts; roll into balls to make the dango. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Make small round dumplings (or Dango) with the dough, roughly 1 inch in diameter at the most. Make a round ball with the dough. In a bowl, add rice flour, sugar, and hot water and make a thick dough. Step 1: Ingredients. Vanessa, Add the green tea powder … you could microwave a bit if it gets too hard, but it’s better to eat fresh. Mitarashi Dango Makes 3 small skewers 10 Tbsp (70g) Mochiko 4 Tbsp + 1 tsp (65g) Water Mitarashi Sauce (recipe below) Mix in mochiko and water in a small bowl until well combined. The savory burnt fragrance will whet your appetite. And It's usually not on a skewer, and it's a flat round shape. Good Food DealReceive a free Graze box delivered straight to your door. Dango is a traditional Japanese dessert, served in many Asian Cafés. Noriko and Yuko plan and develop recipes together for Japanese Cooking 101. Check it out! There is a similar dango made from starchy vegetables like potato or sweet potato also. How can you make a good texture, to make it “chewy”? Can i use it for dango anyway? Thank you for the recipes! Dango is a general name for small ball-shaped mochi dumplings. Scoop out heaping teaspoons and roll into balls. The glassy glaze has a pleasant sweet-salty flavor. They are made by mixing dangoko with warm water. Different than mochi, which is steamed glutinous rice that is pounded into a homogeneous dough and can have flavorings and fillings. TRENDING : #Tuna Stuffed Eggs; #Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers #5 Healthy Recipes; #Chilli Beef Recipes wagashi) that is eaten during cherry blossom viewing. Mix the Sticky Rice, the Tofu and the sugar to form a certain kind of dough for making Dango. any way you want! Usually, 3 to 5 dangos (traditionally 5) are used per skewer. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Dango are sweet japanese dumplings. This recipe came out terrifically! Boil water in a large pot, and cook the dough balls until they float. There are a lot of questions and answers. Split your round ball into three pieces. Did you use Mochiko? Making dango is just like making Chinese glutinous rice balls. Dango are often skewered on bamboo sticks so they are easier (and more fun!) Take out from hot water, put on a paper towel, and let cool. It is often served with green tea. have you read the comments in the Sweet Mochi recipe? Dango is a Japanese dumpling and made from either shiratamako (白玉粉) wet milled glutinous rice flour, or dango-ko (団子粉) a mix of uruchi rice flour and glutinous rice flour. If you love our recipes, please donate to support the site. We have Dorayaki recipe too. By the way, kabocha dango … Now you should have 15 parts of dough. Ah, never mind. Steam the dango for 10-15 mins in the steamer on medium or high heat, depending on your steamer. Lastly, add lemon juice to flavor the white icing, and mix until combined. Dango is a general name for small ball-shaped mochi dumplings.  Usually the mochi itself is not sweetened, but toppings and sauces are.  Dango are often skewered on  bamboo sticks so they are easier (and more fun!) Split your round ball into three pieces. Jah, Make the dango dough. Sweet Japanese dumplings, or dango, are bite-size balls of mochi rice often seen in cafes or at festivals. Thanks a lot! Alternatively, you can just use gel food coloring, if preferred! than some other formal desserts used in tea ceremony and such. We love to eat ``Hanami Dango`` in March and April, Hanami means cherry blossams viewing party, Dango means ricecake dumpling. So I decided to find a recipe and make … Boil the 15 pieces of dough for about 2 to 3 minutes. 3-Colored Dango Make table spoon size balls from each dough. ^_^. This step is a little bit tricky because rice flour behaves like cornflour. Mitarashi Kushi Dango is a traditional wagashi (Japanese sweet). This dango is covered with soy sauce syrup called “Mitarashi みたらし”. New! Louis, I watched the video and you already said. Divide the dough into 8 pieces. I used Blue Star Mochiko and mori-nu silken soft tofu. Add kinako (soybean powder) as extra topping for nuttiness. Dango is wagashi! In a large pot, boil water. 2. Maybe you have seen dango being eaten in one of your favourite Japanese TV shows or anime. The order doesn't really matter but it's more traditional in Japan to put the green one on first, then the white, and finally, then the red. Instructions And every time it failed. Cook dough balls one color at a time. Soaking them in water for about 30 minutes will make them last longer on the grill without burning up. It is shockingly easy, requiring only four basic ingredients. Three to four dango dumplings are often served on a skewer, as a dessert after Japanese meals. Generally it is done when the sauce would stay on the dango. Dango can be made from different types of flour like Mochiko or Shiratamako which are made from sweet rice, and Joshinko from Japanese sticky rice.  Because it is easier to find Mochiko (Koda farm brand) in a lot of grocery stores in the US, we used Mochiko in this recipe.  Shiratamako, which can be found at Japanese grocery stores, works just fine too.  We would not recommend to use random rice flour (other than Joshinko) because we don’t know what type of rice is used to make the flour and it may not come out glutenous enough. Pan fry the Dango on a teflon pan (or a lightly oiled pan) until sides are nice and brown. Dango is eaten year-round with variations in ingredients to suit the fervour of the climate. Tsukimi Dango is probably the Moon Festival’s most iconic dish. I would like to share the recipe of Hanami Dango. Japanese Cooking 101 © 2018 Oishii America. The dough should be not too loose nor too firm (about the firmness of an earlobe). Hey could you do the wagshi I want 2 know how 2 make it for my friend. We will do variations of Dango soon. Step 4 Bring a large pot of water to a boil. 3. You will probably see the dango just plained boiled more often than not. Leave the last dough white. Sorry! This tutorial video will teach you to make your very own skewered tofu Dango. All Rights Reserved. Mitarashi dango is one of Japanese confections I recommend you try to make. It only takes two ingredients, and we are certain you already have one of them on hand. Divide this dough into 3 portions and add red food color/ pickled cherry blossom flower and green color/ Matcha green tea/ … Mitarashi dango is super easy to make, and they taste amazing! XD. Heat 2 1 ⁄ 2 tablespoons (37.0 ml) (10 grams) of corn starch, 1/2 cup (104 grams) of sugar, 5 tablespoons (74 mL) of soy sauce, and … Mitarashi Dango (みたらし団子) is a type of dango… firm tofu - water Syrup: - 1 Tbs Kikkoman Soy sauce - 1 Tbs Mirin - 1 Tbs sugar/brown sugar. glutinous rice flour - 100 gr. What is Mitarashi Dango? Ingredients for Tofu Dango (serves 3 people) 100g Glutinous Rice Flour (3 1/2 oz) 100g Soft Silken Tofu (3 1/2 oz) ** You can substitute Firm Tofu for Silken Tofu. I don’t get it. For the regular dango, dip three donut holes at a time: one green, one white, and one pink. Member recipes are not tested in the GoodFood kitchen. Add matcha powder to make green and fresh raspberry juice to make the pink. Now divide each of your three pieces of dough into five parts. Make this street snack right in your own kitchen! Make your own with this easy recipe. STEP 2. They cook and shoot photos/videos at their home kitchen(s.). Stephanie, Some variations of Mitarashi dango is lightly seared before been coated with the sauce. Or should i put it in a food procesor with some soy milk to get a smoother texture before mixing it with four? (About a dozen 1.5 inch pieces will sell for $5!) Mitarashi dango is a type of Japanese sweet., Nagaimo (Dioscorea opposita, Chinese yam). What exactly is the cooking time and serving size for this dish? So delicious! This dango recipe only requires five ingredients and takes just 15 minutes to make. For mitarashi dango, it’s basically a dango on stick grilled and coated with thick sweet and soy sauce glaze. Put all ingredients in a small sauce pan. Make a round ball with the dough. I try and try again and again to make mochi or dango with mochiko. Drop dango into the pot and boil until they float to the top, 3 to 5 … Copyright © 2012 - Japanese Cooking 101. Heat up the mixture to a little boil. I really love how simple these are to make! Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching! The dumplings are skewered on a bamboo stick and enjoyed all year round. Form each of the 15 parts into balls by rolling them with your palms. Cook until the sauce is in the right consistency. They love cooking and eating great food, and share a similar passion for home cooking using fresh ingredients. Mix it with your hands until it has gotten a red uniform colour. However instead of making Hishi-Mochi, I decided to make three colour Dango (or “Sanshoku Dango”), because it uses the same colours and I think they look cuter (plus they are also … Water. Round dumplings are generally called dango, and kushi dango means skewered sweet dumplings. You need: - 100 gr. Mitarashi Dango is a traditional Japanese rice dumpling smothered in an irresistibly sweet soy glaze. Choose the type of message you'd like to post. And are they safe to freeze? Making dango at home is the easiest thing in the world! Then, let them cool down. Recipe : Three Color Hanami Dango Dumplings Step by step. I know thre are a lot of kinds, like slik, or firm. you can use Kinako (soybean powder) with sugar which is the simplest. How to Make Hanami Dango Step by Step. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Noriko and Yuko, the authors of this site, are both from Japan but now live in California. The ingredients could not be simpler: Mochiko and tofu.  It’s better to use silken (soft) tofu to have a smooth texture.  Tofu makes Dango moist and soft longer than just using water.  You may need to adjust the amount of Tofu depending on what you are using because the water content is often different by brand.  The Dango won’t taste like tofu unless you know what’s in it (so you might taste soy bean flavor a little since you know it).  If you get to know how to make this versatile Dango, you’ll be able to enjoy making a lot of different kinds of Japanese sweets later. This is also something I have to try making!! A small pyramid of 15 moon-like dango, it’s remarkably simple to make! The colouring really is for presentation purposes only, so you can still enjoy dango without the powders. Thank you so much for the recipe- these were amazing! What other topping would go good with this besides anko? A lot of people have trouble with the recipe using glutinous flour. In a bowl, mix Tofu and Mochiko well with hand. How to make Sauce: Take all the ingredients and mix them well in a pot. Hanami dango is a traditional Japanese dessert (a.k.a. Get a skewer and pierce the 3 pieces of dough on. Then, take 3 pieces of dough each different colour. Great recipe for How to make Hanami Dango. When they are done (brownled slightly) take them off and let the cool on a wire rack. To make green dango, I used matcha powder and for the pink dango, I used strawberry powder. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this 😀. Preparation time: 15 minutes Ingredients: Tofu - 250 grams, sweet rice flour (mochiko flour) - 200 grams Yield: 30 dango. Also Mitarashi sauce, sweet soy sauce sauce is very good. Learn how to make dango, a chewy Japanese confection on this Emmymade How to on Emmymade in Japan. Slide 3 different colored Dango onto each skewer. This time I’m going to share a simple and easy to make Japanese sweets called mitarashi dango. Many people have written in over the years wondering about substitutions for the two rice flours, which are the traditional flours used to make mitarashi dango. 4. Dango is a type of sweet that is essentially like balls of rice on a skewer, very similar to mochi. DO you know which kind is best? It seems so easy. Its main ingredients are glutinous rice flour and sweet soy sauce glaze. Also, how long is the dango good for (in the fridge)? Place Dango on a plate and coat with the sauce. Make the classic mitarashi dango with a sweet-and-salty syrup. Step 1: The first step is to make …

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